Modest and civilized: Impressions from China visit – Photos

A modest and civilized behavior is dominant in the Chinese culture. The silence in the streets makes one wonder where the 1.5 billion people have hidden. Alisa Gevorgyan of shares the impressions from the week-long visit to China at the initiative of the Chinese Embassy in Armenia.




Even when walking in the company of two other men, I am bound to be able to learn from them. The good points of the one I copy; the bad points of the other I correct in myself.


The enlightenment and development of Chinese culture started from Confucius. I was in his homeland last week. Following his advice, I tried to find what I can learn from this ancient and wise nation.

The most impressive was, perhaps, the attitude of Chinese people towards nature. They use the nature without damaging it. This is probably the reason why we saw fewer cars in the streets of 20-million Beijing than in Armenian capital Yerevan. Bicycles and e-bikes are the main means of transportation in China.

Besides capital Beijing, the group of journalists visited several cities in the stage of construction, which will turn into huge megalopolises in just 4-5 years. What’s surprising to us, Armenians, is that there was no noise and dust at construction sites. The impression was that the huge constructions grow themselves – silently, quietly and quickly.

Let’s move to a Chinese village in the south of the country. A young mistress of a newly-built house says:

“We have been living in this village for 20 years, but have built the house two years ago. We have built it ourselves, like everyone in the village. Such a house costs about $30 thousand today,” she said.

“Before I working in the field,  growing rice and vegetables. But now after the reforms we have given the land to an agricultural organization, where I work myself. The annual revenue of our family makes 100 thousand yuans. That’s enough.”

The agricultural organization the woman talks about is mainly engaged in greenhouse industry, where solar batteries are used. It’s worth mentioning that solar heating systems are installed on the roofs of all houses in the village. The energy-saving systems are widely used in the country.

In the village we see beautiful and well maintained flower gardens and modest fences; no one thinks of building giant walls here. In general, the modest and civilized behavior is dominant in Chinese culture. The silence in the streets makes one wonder where the 1.5 billion people have hidden.