Defense Army fulfills its tasks with dignity: Artsakh President

Dear compatriots,

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic and Artsakh Liberation Wars,

Respected generals, officers and soldiers of the Defense Army,

On behalf of the republic’s authorities and myself personally I cordially congratulate you on the 70th anniversary of the Victory, the Day of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Defense Army and the Liberation of Shushi.

70 years ago the Artsakh people also had a worthy contribution in forging the glorious victory against the Nazism, one of the greatest evils in the human history. Our compatriots were distinguished by their heroism and courage, endurance and dedication both in the battlefield and the rear. Tens of thousands of Artsakh people went to the war, half of them did not return. Eternal honor and glory to all our martyrs! Their memory will always remain bright in the history of our people.

We are deeply grateful to our brave fathers and grandfathers for their heroic path, for the lessons of patriotism and selflessness taught to us. These lessons were studied well by further generations that forged victories decades after the Great Patriotic during in the Artsakh Liberation War. Together with Mother Armenia and our world-spread sisters and brothers we defended the freedom and independence of Artsakh, peace and tranquility of our native people, liberated the ancient fortress of Shushi and laid solid foundations for new victories.

In the hearth of this struggle the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Defense Army, the pride and glory of the whole Armenian nation and the main guarantor of our security, was born. The army continues to fulfill the tasks set before it with dignity, giving a worthy counter stroke to the enemy’s encroachments and keeping impregnable the Fatherland’s borders.

Due to our people’s freedom-loving spirit and strong will we registered great successes and achievements during the years of independence. Only in this way, united and consolidated, we are able to solve the issues we are facing, bring to life various programs and achieve the realization of national goals.

Dear compatriots,

I once again congratulate all of us on this glorious Triple Holiday and wish peaceful, prosperous and victorious path to our heroic people and Motherland.