ANKARA: The History Of Those Whose God Is Nemesis Will Be Written Wi


Yeno Safak, Turkey
April 13 2015

by Yasin Aktay

Maybe we should get used to hearing these types of things, as we are
getting closer to April 24, 2015. The Armenians’ vendetta with the
Turks is not having difficulty in gathering supporters in the Christian
world. Even though there is no support that is enough to satisfy them,
as a result of their extraordinary efforts, they succeeded in having
many countries’ parliaments decide that the happenings in 1915 were
a genocide.

Many countries, due to knowing Turkey’s sensitivity in this matter,
in order not to lose their good relations with Turkey are abstaining
from giving their support towards this matter. Even this situation is
enough to overwhelm the Armenian avengers with the feeling of great
dissatisfaction. For example, the support that will or won’t be given
by some countries is forming quite an issue at this point.

Of course, whether Obama will use the “genocide” phrase in his speech
on that aforementioned day is carrying great importance for the
Armenian diaspora and Turkey. Obama and the previous U.S. leaders are
always trying to find a unique statement that will answer both sides’
expectations. Let’s see….What will Obama say in the 100th year?

No matter what he’ll say, it’s clear that it won’t change the essence
of the happenings in 1915. After all, it’s not like a new truth about
the incidents 100 years ago will be revealed and this situation will
be stated. On the contrary, the incident, as we had stated plenty of
times previously, is happening now, not 100 years ago.

The spiritual leader of the Catholics, Pope Francis, whose speech
is waited impatiently like Obama’s, has acted early. In a ritual he
organized in the Vatican for the 100th year of the 1915 incidents,
Pope Francis said, “The first genocide of the 20th century had been
conducted on the Armenians.”

He did, but what changed? Did we get closer to the reality in 1915
even more? Did we reach new information, which enlightens us about the
incidents in those days? Or, did they give credit to the primitive
vendetta of the Armenian side, which is mobilized with the most
archaic feelings and especially with hatred towards Muslim Turks?

Besides, what’s the meaning in saying, “The first genocide of the
20th century had been conducted on the Armenians” by disregarding 3
million Muslim Turks, who had been annihilated and exiled in the mass
murders in the Balkans only a couple of years before 1915? If the Pope
is really mobilized with the sensitivity towards the crimes against
humanity or historic pains, then he should also have remembered the
Balkans and the hundreds of thousands of Muslim Turks, who had been
killed in four fronts in the same dates as the Armenian deportation.

He won’t, he cannot, because the Pope’s memory is a racist and
crusader memory. He will not remember what that crusader mentality
did; however, he remembers the deportation implementation, which had
been an extremely reasonable precaution, towards the Armenians, who
had been revolted by the provocations of the Crusaders and who were
right in the middle of a slaughter against the Ottoman community,
as a tragedy. There is no aspect of this memory that can be taken
seriously. This sick memory feeds on the feeling of malice, hatred
and revenge against the Muslim Turks.

We had mentioned it before. If we go back to 1915, Turkey will be on
the prosecution position, not on the defense. The Vatican was a part
of the focuses, who provoked the Armenian gangs against the state as
the Ottoman soldiers were fighting against great powers in countless
fronts and who were possibly making preparations to repeat the genocide
they conducted in the Balkans in Anatolia this time, including other
countries, who are looking after the Armenian genocide claims nowadays.

Actually, in the background of the Armenian genocide claims, there
is the unsuccessful “genocide of Anatolian Muslims” that they regret.

This possibility is not a superstitiously fictionalized possibility.

Maybe remembering about the deaths of all the Ottoman state dignitaries
(Talat Pasha, Enver Pasha, Sait Halim Pasha, Trabzon Mayor Cemal Azim,
the administrator of the Special Organization Bahattin Sakir, as well
as ex-Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Fetali Han Hoyski, ex-Minister of
Justice Halil Bey Hasmemmedov and many more) who had been pursued,
found after an unbelievable battue by the Armenian Dasnaktsutyun
organization and assassinated, will be more than enough.

All these assassinations had been decided in the 9th Congress of the
Dasnaktsutyun organization in Erivan. It has been named the “Nemesis
operation”, which means the god of revenge in the Greek language, and
a great budget has been separated for this. It had been implemented
systematically with a great organization. The operation had targeted
hundreds of people involved in the deportation, and most of the people
who decided on killing all those targets had been killed.

This is a striking example that shows that the deportation precaution
of the Ottomans was not unfair at all. This is an example that confirms
that the gangs, which were actively working and whose eyes are blinded
with blood, were attempting to conduct a bigger Muslim slaughter.

Actually, if the point in question is revenge, then this revenge
had been taken many times by the Armenian organizations; After all,
there are slaughters that had been attempted since the 1870s within
the context of propaganda. There is an open cooperation within the
side of the occupation forces against the Turks. There are people
who were imprisoned to executions in the courts established under the
supervision of the occupation forces of the Brits. There are diplomats
who had been killed by the assassinations of ASALA. When the god of
revenge finds itself a guide, it becomes predestined to make revenge a
way of living. It’s impossible to satisfy a structure, which imagines
revenge as a god and whose eyes are covered with the fire of revenge.

The Armenian case is a sick vendetta, which is not satisfied with
revenge and is feeding off the feeling of revenge. We are hoping
that the stricken ones, who are inviting everyone to a century ago
and only care about their own sorrows there, realize the position
they fell into.

Even though we know that this is an empty hope, if we are to assume
he’s the intellectuals’ Pope….

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