New Mystery In Permyakov’s Case


Naira Hayrumyan, Political Commentator
Law – 10 April 2015, 11:19

The Russian press informed without referring to the source that the
Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov is recognized insane. Besides,
the press informed that the court has extended Permyakov’s custody. The
Komersant reported that the Russian investigative committee has added
two more points to his indictment. Permyakov is facing life sentence
under two points.

The 5th Garrison Court held a sitting in the premises of the Russian
military base in Gyumri.

In addition, a justification was provided that if the sitting were
held outside the base, the relatives of the murdered families may
have kidnapped and lynched Permyakov.

In fact, Permyakov’s case is investigated by the Russian Investigative
Committee. The Armenian Investigative Committee has also launched
proceedings but has nothing to do with the investigation. The
proceedings were launched to be able to speak about “joint activities”
and other formalities.

In fact, the process of the Armenian law enforcement bodies is a
decoration, a sham that intends to distract the public attention
from the real judicial process. In addition, the mystery is that
the successors of the victims and their advocates are involved in a
“fake” Armenian criminal case. And the “genuine” Russian process is
conducted without victims, successors and of the murdered family and
their advocates.

Were the advocates of the Avetisyan family present when Permyakov’s
detention was extended? There are several advocates but they confess
that the accused and the files are not accessible because those have
nothing to do with the genuine process.

Obviously, while working on the case brought by the Armenian
investigators, the advocates cannot even speak about the interests of
their defendants. And the advocates are not involved in the proceedings
on the case investigated by the Russians.

In fact, soon the Russian press may announce that the trial took
place at the 102nd case of Gyumri, and Permyakov was sentenced for
life and taken to Russia to serve his punishment.

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