Robert Kocharyan: Problems In Armenia Unrelated To Constitution


13:15 * 08.04.15

In an interview with the website, Armenia’s second president,
Robert Kocharyan, spoke of the unnecessariness of the constitutional
reforms, reiterating his earlier position that the problems in the
country are not absolutely linked to imperfections in the organic law.

“My opinion hasn’t changed; I don’t see any point in carrying out
constitutional reforms, and I am confident that the problems existing
in Armenia today are not in any way related to the Constitution,
especially the government model,” he said, attributing the problems
to poor management on the top government levels.

Kocharyan said he finds that the parliamentary model can be successful
only in countries that have an accomplished institution of parties. He
said he doesn’t think see any political force in Armenia which
governs by effective intra-party democracy or fractionism or seeking
to internally modernize both its strategy and leadership.

“Unfortunately, political debates here are regretfully primitive,” the
ex-president said. “It would be naïve to think that the parliamentary
model would spontaneously lead to the rise of a democratic and
competitive model. It would more probably raise the chances of
patronage in government, which has struck its roots deep in Armenia
and is one of its main troubles.”

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