Agreement Over Iran’s Nuclear Program Favors Armenia For Several Rea


15:43, 3 April, 2015

YEREVAN, 3 APRIL, ARMENPRESS. Iranologist Gohar Iskandaryan welcomes
the agreement over Iran’s nuclear program and underscores the need
to make the transition from the document to action. “The negotiations
took a long time. We view the agreement as very positive, but the most
important thing is to see if it will be put into practice, or stay
on paper. The parties find that this is a historic event. Of course,
a lot of work has been done and a very serious agreement has been
reached, but the ultimate is taking action. Will it be implemented,
or will one of the parties take a wrong step and leave the agreement
on paper?” Iranologist said in an interview with “Armenpress”.

According to her, the important part of the process is that Iran raised
its reputation, though the country made certain concessions during
the negotiations. “Iran managed to use time wisely and increased its
role in the region by two times, meaning it gained an advantage in
terms of position,” Gohar Iskandaryan mentioned.

When asked what Armenia can expect from the lifting of sanctions on
Iran and the increase of Iran’s role in the region, the Iranologist
mentioned: “It should be mentioned that the level of Iranian-Armenian
relations is quite high, and any advancement in Iran will obviously be
more favorable for Armenia. We know that Iran has positive approaches
to the solution to our Armenian issues, if not to say provides
serious assistance.”

According to Gohar Iskandaryan, the peaceful approach to the agreement
over the nuclear program is also important from the perspective
that there used to be talks about military interventions that were
completely undesired for Armenia.

From: Baghdasarian