Ter-Petrosyan’s Nightmare

Ter-Petrosyan’s Nightmare

Naira Hayrumyan, Political Commentator
Comments – 02 March 2015, 00:13

With a nervous speech at the rally called in memory of the victims of
March 1, the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan teased the
opposition forces. This is typical of the first president but this
time Ter-Petrosyan was quite sincere and revealed his fears.

Speaking about “saviors”, he said that they keep “the demand for
Putin’s resignation in their hearts”. What does it have to do with
Putin? What made him think that someone in Armenia wants Putin’s
resignation? And if they do, why does it worry Ter-Petrosyan? Is Putin
his president or his client? Or is he warning Putin that something
like this might happen?

Even Russian political experts confirm that the Armenian
non-government was created and is fed to protect Putin’s interests.
And the collapse of the non-government might be related to the end of
this “sponsorship” in the first place.

The Armenian political experts even noted that the Armenian parties
are “divided” between the Russian state corporations Gazprom and
Rosneft. Both corporations are now having problems, and the funds for
Armenia have also decreased. Maybe Moscow has realized that it is not
helpful, and Armenia is leaving, irrespective of the will of all the
political forces.

However, this is not the problem. The problem is that Ter-Petrosyan
and many others in Armenia fear “Putin’s resignation”. Otherwise, he
would not “accuse” his potential “competitors” of something that would
have never occurred to them. It turns out that Putin’s resignation
will be a nightmare for the first president because it means the end
of the old times.

In fact, by the end of his second advent Ter-Petrosyan announces the
start of new times and a new opposition in which he will not
participate. In addition, the forces he teased may not participate in
them either. Ter-Petrosyan’s anxiety about Putin’s resignation
indicates the direction of the new opposition which must crush the
Russian project called “triangle of three presidents”.

From: A. Papazian


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