Arthur Sakunts. Permyakovi’s Being Under The Russian Law Enforcement


February 24 2015

Director of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office Arthur
Sakunts and lawyer of the same office Arayik Zalyan are involved in the
murder case of seven members of the Avetisyan family as representatives
of legal successors of the victim. In conversation with,
Arthur Sakunts said that the investigator has presented them the
activities conducted by the investigation body, which were made
available to the victim’s legal successor and his representatives. “We
are talking about the decisions of criminal proceedings and bringing
accusations. We got also acquainted with about 43 investigations. When
we attended the general meeting with the victim’s legal successors
and Vice Chairman of the Investigative Committee, at that time, we
had already published our questions in writing that were addressed to
the preliminary investigation body, we wanted to clarify additional
matters. The matter is about receiving information on the criminal case
for violation or an attempt of violation of Armenia’s state border
and implementation of an investigation for identifying the results
of using an automatic weapon by Permyakov who currently is the only
culprit.” To the question of how he assesses the actions that took
place prior to it, Arthur Sakunts replied, “Given the volume of the
materials or the limit of the possibility, which is available to the
Investigative Committee, all necessary expertise are conducted from
this perspective. But given the fact that he, the main suspect, and
many-many other issues related to him are beyond the jurisdiction of
the investigative body, in this regard by the same content, no. At
this point, we state that the fact of Permyakov’s being under the
Russian law enforcement custody has a significant negative impact on
the effectiveness of the investigation, as well as on the objectivity
and comprehensiveness.”


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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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