Toronto Star shocked to discover Amal Clooney can do job without hus
Jan 29 2015

Toronto Star shocked to discover Amal Clooney can do job without husband

Stop the presses!

by Daniel Rosen

In an apparently shocking twist, international human rights lawyer
Amal Clooney is representing the government of Armenia at the European
Court of Human Rights without her husband, George Clooney.

The Toronto Star has published an article about Clooney’s work in a
case about hate speech, with a headline reading “Human rights lawyer
Amal Alamuddin stands tall without George Clooney.”

You may know George Clooney for his roles on E.R., or in 1997’s Batman
and Robin. You might know Amal Clooney as an advisor to Kofi Annan on
Syria, or for having worked on the Enron case.

While the story is ostensibly about how Clooney’s important work is
not overshadowed by her new status as “the woman who stole the
once-confirmed bachelor’s heart,” readers don’t find out about her
role in the trial of Dogu Perincek, a Turkish politician who called
the Armenian Genocide an “international lie” until the fourth

Instead, readers can find out all about how Clooney made news for
wearing white gloves to the Golden Globes, where co-hosts Tina Fey and
Amy Poehler joked that George Clooney was achieving a lifetime
achievement award, while his wife was the one with the more impressive

Unsurprisingly, George Clooney — who has little experience with law,
considering he’s only ever played lawyers in movies –is not around to
help out his wife with the job she’s been doing for years.

Seeing the headline, people on Twitter were just as surprised as the Star was:

Hopefully in the future, we’ll be seeing more articles about how
Clooney’s important work isn’t being overshadowed by her husband, and
fewer headlines that do just that.

Read the tweets at

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