"I am not the lawyer of Valeri Permyakov anymore": why the lawyer re

“I am not the lawyer of Valeri Permyakov anymore”: why the lawyer
refused (video)

12:28 | January 17,2015 | Social

“I am not the lawyer of Valeri Permyakov anymore”: this is the
statement made on January 16 by Tamara Yayloyan, member of the RA
Chamber of Advocates. She noted that after the events, on January 13
she took over the defense of Valeri Permyakov charged with the murder
of 6 citizens of Gyumri. During that time Permyakov didn’t have a
lawyer but Russian side needed to end the documentation activities.
During the first part of testimony Tamara Yayloyan was present and
heard about how Permyakov reached the house of the Avetisyan family
and how entered, heard noise and fired.

During the testimony, when Permyakov started speaking about the murder
of the child, the lawyer wasn’t able to keep her emotions and left the
room. Tamara Yayloyan notes that her emotional state doesn’t let her
continue her work. There are no other reasons for the refusal,”- she

The video by “Tsayg” TV- below