Sharmazanov: Turkey Continues To Evade Confronting Its Past


12:11, 16.09.2014

The unresolved nature of Armenian-Turkish relations and the last closed
border in Europe continue to be one of the most perilous components
of European security.

Armenia National Assembly Vice-Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov noted
the abovementioned in his opening remarks at the 43rd Session of the
Cultural, Educational and Social Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

“It is a paradox, but a fact, that EU accession candidate Turkey has
shut the border to the neighboring country [Armenia], when borders in
the European Union have long become history, and freedom of movement,
[has become] a fundamental principle,” Sharmazanov noted.

He added that Turkey, which aspires to join the European Union,
continues to stall facing its own past, evade accountability, distort
history with its policy of denial, and it even spares no effort to
force denialism upon other countries.

“It is tragic that the actions aimed at the destruction of Armenian
cultural heritage do not stop in Azerbaijan and in Turkey.

“The international community should strongly condemn such barbarous
acts. They are aimed at the destruction of not solely Armenian, but
all-Christian spiritual values,” the Armenian parliament deputy chair
also stated.

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