Vorotan WPP Trolling

Vorotan WPP Trolling

Naira Hayrumyan, Political Commentator
Business – 26 August 2014, 13:16

Certain circles of the Armenian political and business establishment
are trolling the sale of Vorotan WPP to the American company Contour
Global. According to Urban Dictionary, trolling is “typically
unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent
by-stander”. And now the same is happening with the deal on Vorotan

First certain circles announced at the level of the parliament that
the sale of the water power plant is not lucrative for Armenia because
this is a profit company, and 180 million is too little for this
company. Afterwards the government approved transfer of Nairit 2
together with its liabilities to the asset list of the still state-run
Vorotan WPP. And Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan said that Armenia
needs such a WPP and if the Americans disagree with the conditions
(most probably, he means the liabilities), the WPP will not be sold.

The answer of the Americans is not known though it is obvious that
pragmatic Americans will hardly agree to pay Nairit’s debts to CIS
Mezhgosbank. The Court of Moscow has not written off Nairit’s debts,
the process will continue. If the Americans do not agree to pay, they
will have to give up Vorotan WPP. And Rosneft is already interested in
the WPP. And for the sake of Rosneft the Court of Moscow will not
relieve Nairit of Debts, and then Rosneft will get both Vorotan and
Nairit 2 for free.

Hovik Abrahamyan is good at setting traps but it is known that often
the one who set the mousetrap appears in it. In the result of such a
“wise” decision the Americans will most probably give up the idea of
buying the WPP with Nairit overhead. And the next strategic asset of
Armenia will appear in the hands of a Russian company among other
Russian companies which are increasing in number every year.

The Armenian economy and politics will again appear in the mousetrap,
and all Armenia can do is thank Hovik Abrahamyan for such a crafty
trap. The Americans confess that it is meaningless to seek for
partners in Armenia. It is not accidental that the U.S. Embassy to
Armenia posted: “The Office of Defense Cooperation is evaluating
potential sites for 2016. Where should they look?”

The United States is not able to find partners in Armenia to help.
This week, for example, a plane load of medical supplies of $4.1
million from the United Armenian Fund was presented to the Republic of
Armenia utilizing the Kansas Air National Guard KC-135 as a
Humanitarian Assistance airlift. Meanwhile, Russia supplies levers of
influence, insisting on adoption of the Russian language as an
official language. It has a lot of wise partners in Armenia.
Furthermore, the issue of kickbacks is easier to resolve with Russian,
not American companies.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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