Minister Of Industrial Infrastructures – Artsakh

Minister Of Industrial Infrastructures – Artsakh

Jul 28th, 2014

Stimulating Investment In Industry And Infrastructure

Hakob Ghahramanyan, Minister of Industrial Infrastructures

Hakob Ghahramanyan, Minister of Industrial Infrastructures, introduces
Nagorno Karabakh’s industrial sector and highlights its outstanding
investment opportunities. He also discusses major projects underway to
upgrade the republic’s infrastructure.

European Times: What are your ministry’s main goals?

Hakob Ghahramanyan: The Ministry regulates and coordinates the energy,
transport, communications and water sectors. Our main goal is to
develop our infrastructure in order to ensure reliable energy
resources, efficient global communications, safe road conditions and
clean drinking water for the entire country. We are working on a
variety of projects to attract investments, such as construction of
hydropower stations through our subsidiary Artsakh HEK, which is an
open joint-stock hydropower company in which European investors hold
the major share. We are now looking to establish partnerships with
other institutions around the world to help us develop our energy
sector so that we can not only supply our own country’s needs but also
be involved in export.

European Times: How developed is the republic’s ICT infrastructure?

Hakob Ghahramanyan: Our communications infrastructure is 3G, and
approximately 95% of the country has access to mobile communications
and Internet connections. We will complete the switch to digital
television by the end of this year, with around 70% of our population
having access to this service. All of these projects have been funded
by both private and government investments. We have three licensed
telecom providers. One is a state-owned company, the second is not yet
operating and the third is Karabakh Telecom, which is foreign owned
and the country’s only mobile-services provider. We also have a few
Internet companies.

European Times: Why should international investors choose Nagorno Karabakh?

Hakob Ghahramanyan: Nagorno Karabakh is open to investors. Our
investment environment is very liberal, our tax conditions are very
favourable, and operating of our new airport will offer even more
investment attractions. Our ministry is very transparent and always
ready to assist investors. We would like to see more involvement by
the EU here. There are many opportunities in all sectors, from
renewable energy to food processing.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential investors
in Nagorno Karabakh?

Hakob Ghahramanyan: I would like to ask people around the world to
ignore negative media reports about our country. The republic has a
long history, and for those who are interested in making investments
here, we will work to alleviate their concerns in the best ways we
can. We want to assure any investors that they and their investments
will be safe in Nagorno Karabakh.

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