ANTELIAS: HH Aram I invited to attend an Ecumenical Conf in Seoul

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His Holiness Aram I is invited to attend an Ecumenical Justice and Peace
Conference to be held in Seoul, South Korea

Antelias – On Tuesday His Holiness Aram I received a delegation from
South Korea. The newly appointed Ecumenical Officer, V. Rev. Housig
Mardirossian also attended the meeting. The delegation invited the
Catholicos to the international conference on justice and peace they
are organizing in Seoul.

The Catholicos welcomed the guests and their plan for the conference and
said, `Presently, many people, like the Armenians, continue to demand
their human rights. It is my firm conviction that there cannot be peace
without justice.’ He then invited religions to work for just peace
through deeper involvement in interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

The Prelate of Peria (Syria), briefs His Holiness Aram I on his pastoral

Antelias – 30 July 2014. As reported last week, Archbishop Shahan
Sarkissian, accompanied by clergy and the lay leadership of the
community in Syria, visited the coastal towns where many families have
sought refuge from the internal fighting. The Archbishop celebrated the
liturgy in Tartous, Banias and Safita, organized meetings with the
community, registered the displaced families and distributed material
aid. The delegation then went to Latakia and met with the Church
Council, the Board of the School and the Committees for Humanitarian

In the region of Kessab, their last destination, they consecrated the
restored altar of St. Mary’s Church in Karaduran village, desecrated
by the rebels when they briefly occupied Kessab. On Sunday, 27 July,
which was the Feast of Transfiguration, the Archbishop celebrated the
Holy Liturgy, performed the ceremony of the blessing of the water and
held a special memorial for the victims of the civil war. He concluded
with special prayers of Thanksgiving for the return of the population to
their homes in Kessab.

Honorable Jason Kenny Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism meets with
His Holiness Aram I

Antelias – 28 July 2014. On Monday Hon. Jason Kenny and his delegation
met with His Holiness Aram I. Rt. Rev. Housig Mardirossian, the
Ecumenical Relations officer, was also present.

The Minister is in the region on a special mission to assess the
political situation and discuss the problems of Christian communities in
the region. The Minister discussed the role of Canadian Armenian
community in Canadian society, the commitment of Canadian authorities to
the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and his government’s
perspectives on the conflict in the Middle East.

His Holiness thanked Minister Kenney for Canada’s support of the
Armenian community and the Armenian cause, and he described and shared
his concerns about the situation of Armenians in Syria and Lebanon. The
Catholicos and the Minister discussed the 100th Anniversary
commemorations of the Genocide and the negative attitude of Turkey
towards the just cause of the Armenian people.

Before leaving, the Minister and his delegation visited the Martyr’s
Chapel in Antelias and paid tribute to the memory of the victims.

His Holiness Aram I announces appointments of clergy to new positions

Antelias – 26 July 2014. On Friday, His Holiness Aram I announced the
following new appointments:

Archbishop Nareg Alemezian, Pontifical Vicar, Diocese of Cyprus.
Very Rev. Housig Mardirossian, Director, Office of Ecumenical Relations
and Head of the office of Communication.
Rev. Torkom Donoyan, Dean, of Theological Seminary.
Very Rev. Paren Vartanian Grand Sacristan, St. Gregory the Illuminator
Very Rev. Vaghinak Meloyan, Director, Programme for the Formation of
married priests.

His Holiness Aram I and His Holiness Ignatius Aphram II Patriarch Meet
in Bikfaya

24 July 2014. Catholicos Aram I and Patriarch Ignatius Aphram II of the
Syriac Orthodox Church met in Bikfaya, at the Summer Residence of the

V. Rev. Paren Vartanian, and the Dean of the Seminary, Rev. Torkom
Donoyan, were also present. The two spiritual leaders discussed the
situation of Christians in Syria and Iraq, the forthcoming International
Ecumenical Conference on the Middle East, issues related to the on-going
bilateral theological dialogues with the World Anglican Communion and
the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the imperative of strengthening the
historical ties between the two churches.

His Holiness Aram I monitors the Humanitarian Assistance and
Rehabilitation Programmes for Armenians in Syria

Antelias – Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian, Prelate of the Diocese of
Peria (Syria) recently arrived in Antelias to brief His Holiness Aram I
on the situation of Armenians in Aleppo, Damascus, Jezireh, Lattakia and
Kessab. He also informed the Catholicos on the provision of humanitarian
assistance and rehabilitation efforts.

The Catholicos expressed his appreciation to the work of the committees
and their courage in defending the rights of the vulnerable Armenian
communities. Soon after the meeting, the Archbishop left for Tartous to
meet with the clergy and the lay leadership and then to continue
meetings in Lattakia, Kessab and other cities and towns in Syria.

On Sunday, 27 July 2014, the Archbishop celebrated the Holy Liturgy in
Kessab and anointed the newly restored altar of the Church. At the end
of the Liturgy, Archbishop Shahan transmitted the blessings of His
Holiness Aram I and assured the faithful of the support of the
Catholicos and his determination to continuing to respond to their
urgent needs.

Youth are the life force of our Church and People

Anthelia’s – 24 July 2014. On Wednesday evening the Youth Committee
of the Catholicosate, accompanied by Rev Barouyr Shernezian, director of
the Youth Department, met with His Holiness Aram I.

The committee presented its activity report and the findings of the
survey they had carried out with its 50 members. The purpose of the
survey was to identify the expectations of youth from the Church. It was
decided that after the compilation of the report and identification of
priorities, the committee would expand its study to all other dioceses
of the Catholicosate.

His Holiness thanked the members of the committee for the study and
said, `the Armenian youth are the life force and future of our Church
and society. They should not remain passive members, but should
participate in and contribute to all aspects of our community life. He
then told the committee that he was committed to empowering the youth
who are ready to act in order to safeguard the memory, traditions and
values of the Armenian people.

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