Sensational Statements By Iranian Ambassador

Politics – 18 July 2014, 16:35

There is little probability of resumption of the Armenian-Azerbaijani
war, said the Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Mohammad Reisi. He
commented on the recent Azerbaijani attack on Karvachar, NKR, noting
that Iran is against any violence and extremism. According to the
ambassador, they believe that any disagreement must be resolved
through peace talks and dialogue.

“Since there are international principles, violence should have
no meaning, the international principles must be respected. If one
can negotiate, why would one reach their guns? Iran does not wish
instability in Iran,” he underlined.

Mohammad Reisi reiterated the readiness of Iran to facilitate the
settlement of the Karabakh issue if the conflict parties wish.

The ambassador commented on the sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan,
noting that arms can never be a factor of security.

“Can you show a country which has ensured its security through piling
of weapons or mass security weapons? All such countries have a low
level of security and massacres of innocent people and destruction
cannot provide a country’s security,” he said.

“Everyone is up for their business, they want to sell the weapons
piled in their plants. However, these weapons will not bring security,
if they shoot, the countries that sell weapons will have a problem,”
he said.

In answer to the question of Azerbaijan’s behavior and lack of an
adequate reaction of the international community the ambassador said
Iran constantly calls its neighbors to respect one another because
it is the way to dialogue. “If the international community observes
justice, there will not be additional problems,” he said.

In answer to the question on deployment of peacekeeping forces in
Armenia the Iranian ambassador said they are against deployment of
any foreign forces in the region. “It will threaten the entire region,
we have witnessed this in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

The ambassador dwelled on recent developments in Nakhidjevan and
minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan’s statement that there may be
Turkish forces in that part.

“We believe that there will be no developments on the border
of Armenia-Nakhidjevan-Iran. I am not sure about the existence of
Turkish troops in Nakhidjevan. This is the first time I heard about
it, he said.

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