‘Happy & Unhappy Baku’ Video Tape Which Fixes Public Attention To Po

‘Happy & Unhappy Baku’ Video Tape Which Fixes Public Attention To Political Prisoners’ Problem In Azerbaijan Appears On Networks

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16:40 30/05/2014 >> SOCIETY

‘Happy & Unhappy Baku’ video tape which fixes public
attention to political prisoners’ problem in Azerbaijan appears
on networks

Alternative version of “Happy Baku” video tape appeared on
Youtube titled “Happy & Unhappy Baku”, the authors of which
draw the public attention to the human rights problems in Azerbaijan.

Recently amateur videoclips taken on Pharrell Williams’ song
called “Happy” have became popular in different cities
of the world. Yerevan and Baku joined this flashmob too.

“Azerbaijan is a member of the Council of Europe, although there are
more than 140 political prisoners in this country. Azerbaijan, which
is the birthplace of Ilkin Rustamzade, the author of the “Harleme
Shake” video (because of this video, aimed at drawing the public
attention to the political prisoners problems Rustamzade was arrested
– Ed.), and Shahin Novruzlu, the youngest political prisoner in the
world. Nevertheless, famous people of this country are starring in
this video titled “Happy”, turning a blind eye to this injustice. In
contrast to them, political prisoners sentenced to long-term
imprisonment and are not happy at all,” the video description reads.

In parallel with the video frames, where the well-known Azerbaijanis
are dancing happily, the pictures of political prisoners are attached
– including the REAL leader Ilgar Mamedov, human rights activist Anar
Mammadov, members of the youth movement NIDA and others.


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