Indonesian Embassy in Turkey: Regarding the Draft Resolution Adopted

Indonesia Government News
April 11, 2014 Friday 6:30 AM EST

Indonesian Embassy in Turkey: Regarding the Draft Resolution Adopted
by the U.s. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

April 11 — The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee has acted
beyond its position, competence and responsibility by adopting by
majority vote a hastily and ineptly prepared draft resolution
(S.Res.410). We reject this attempt at a political exploitation that
distorts history and law, and we condemn those who led this prejudiced
initiative, which is devoid of any legal ground.

In actuality, how Turks and Armenians, as the owners of this common
history, can together, through dialogue and empathy, reach a just
memory of the tragic events of 1915, which occurred during the great
human sufferings of World War I, is already being examined thoroughly
and in all its dimensions. In this context, our proposal to establish
a Joint Historical Commission, also reflected in the Turkish-Armenian
protocols, remains on the agenda.

In the forthcoming period, it is essential that the U.S. Congress
engages in efforts aimed at strengthening our historic alliance and
partnership, which are more important than ever in the present
circumstances, instead of damaging Turkish-American bilateral ties;
and that this draft resolution and similar ones are not moved any
further in the legislative agenda.

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