Only Eight Fish Farms In Armenia Have Switched To Semi-Closed Water


YEREVAN, April 7. / ARKA /. Only eight fish farms in Armenia have
switched to semi-closed water recycling system, according to Artur
SAtoyan, the head of the Armenian Association of Fish Farms.

Last year the government gave 18 months to all fish farms in the
country to shift to semi-closed water recycling system, whereby some
70 % of the water is used several times thus contributing to its more
efficient use and reduction of costs.

However, the transition suggests installment of expensive new
technology, the price of which, depending on the size of farms,
may range from 700,000 to 1.5 million euros.

A recent USAID-funded study, managed by Clean Energy and Water
Program (CEWP), has revealed that over the last 6-8 years, the level
of groundwater resources in the Ararat Valley that has the bulk of
fish farms, has significantly decreased, leaving over 30 communities
without reliable access to potable and/or irrigation water.

According to Artur Atoyan, these eight companies have themselves
developed new technologies to adapt them to local conditions. He said
many other companies which are unable to buy modern technologies had
to shut down.

Thus, according to last September data, 77 of 234 fish farms had
already been closed.

Atoyan argued that the government’s efforts to save water resources
should not hinder normal operation of fish farms. He suggested that
a special task force be set up to look into the problem.

According to the agriculture ministry, fish production last year rose
by 2,800 metric tons to 11,600 tons.-0-

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