Artak Davtyan. "Caviar Diplomacy Is A Reality, With Which We Should


February 19 2014

Recently, once again a noise was raised in Europe regarding the
information of giving a brine to the European MPs. In the conversation
with Aravot, Artak Davtyan, an NA MP, member of RPA faction, noted,
“Caviar diplomacy has become a part of diplomatic vocabulary. I was a
member of the OSCE parliamentary delegation at the previous convocation
of the National Assembly and have actually seen these phenomena under
the name “lobbying”. It is very evident, especially in the cases
when the MP of a democratic country that seems is not related to the
case stands for the protection of interests of Azerbaijan, moreover,
more zealously than the Azerbaijani delegation members are. There
are more Catholic in their manifestations than the Pope of Rome, and
when you are trying to talk to these people, you understand that they
are unaware of the essence of the problem and often are just reading
prepared texts. This is the reality, with which we should reckon.” To
our question of whether or not Armenia should somehow respond to these
phenomena or related information, Mr. Davtyan responded, “Responds
constantly happen. Whatever platforms this-or-that officials act, they
always get the response. Specifically with Parliamentary Platform,
they always get their answers, in addition, we present the situation
to the partners of this official.

In such interested “protections”, we explain to the other partners
what the problem is, and, as a rule, these “protections” do not
affect. Leading such a policy by Azerbaijan is something like to be
accountable before the country’s leadership, they want to show that,
look, this-or-that foreign country MP or the official received his
“honorarium”, and as an actual evidence of giving “honorarium”,
they cite his initiatives, statements, speeches, or which is worse,
sometimes we also see that they are presenting some resolutions. Of
course, they are doing their best to maneuver from direct questions,
they say that they are concerned about democracy, the situation of
refugees, or elimination of consequences of the war, but with such
practice they are just casting a shadow over the high and lofty ideas
they are talking about.”


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