Declining Association Agreement not calamity for Armenia – expert

Declining Association Agreement not calamity for Armenia – expert

14:44 – 30.11.13

Armenia’s failure to initial an association agreement with the EU
should not be perceived as a calamity for the country, an expert has
said, as the EU has not abandoned its plans to continue the joint

At a news conference on Saturday, the political analyst Levon
Shirinyan said Armenia’s decision to join the Eurasian Customs Union
(a move that restricts the chances of European integration) was the
right choice stemming from the country’s security interests. `We must
never turn the relationship with Russia into a demonstration of
obsequiousness. We must strengthen our statehood instead,’ he said,
noting that Armenia has no alternative in the light of the Turkish

`Do you imagine what would have happened to us had we demonstrated
persistence on September 3 [the day President Serzh Sargsyan made the
landmark statement about joining the CU]?’ he said, calling for
efforts to use the Russian market.

The expert further stressed the importance of giving a proper welcome
to Russian President Vladimir Putin next week, noting that Russia is
the country that fully secures Armenia’s arms supply.

As for the Putin big delegation expected to arrive in Armenia on
December 2, Shirinyan considered it a good sign, noting that Russian
investors are coming to Armenia together with the president. Secondly,
he said, Russia is thus demonstrating its respect for Armenia.

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