Unmanned flying devices to be produced in Armenia

Unmanned flying devices to be produced in Armenia

11:30, 5 October, 2013

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 5, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian Instigate Company will
implement the production of unmanned flying devices in Armenia, in
particular, educopter, photocopter and agrocopter. This was reported
to Armenpress by the Chief Engineer of Instigate CJSC Vahagn
Poghosyan, stating that preliminary agreement on the devices supply
has been already achieved.

`One of the Danish companies, functioning in the field of production
of the unmanned devices, which cooperates with an American company,
does not manage to provide for the necessary production volumes and
has agreed with the Armenian Instigate to launch the production of the
unmanned devices in Armenia to provide for the necessary volumes of
the devices’, – informed Vahagn Poghosyan.

To the question – how much does one educopter cost – the Chief
Engineer of Instigate CJSC noted that the price for the device is

Instigate is an engineering company with hardware and software teams
headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia. Four R&D branches of the company
are located in different cities of Armenia.

The main partners and customers are in the USA and EU.

The main area of the expertise is system level design of electronic
systems, EDA specific software design and parallel programming. The
design services range from software design and quality assurance to
comprehensive application engineering with an emphasis on audio/video
coding and communication. The company provides design services in
development of massive parallel algorithms, system modeling and
simulation, hardware-software decomposition and co-design, SW
development and quality assurance and RTL design and verification.

Since 2009 Instigate has extended the range of its services with
software acceleration using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units
such as NVIDIA’s and ATI’s cards and using modern multi-CPU devices
with special optimizations for Non-Uniform-Memory-Architecture.

Along with the ordinary design services Instigate has developed
software libraries and tools, which were proven when being applied in
the company’s design services.

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