State benefit for third child in family to be raised to 500,000 dram

State benefit for third child in family to be raised to 500,000 drams
in Armenia in 2014

YEREVAN, September 28. /ARKA/. The lump-sum state benefit for a third
or fourth child in the family will be raised up to 500,000 dramsin
Armenia on January 1, 2014, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Artem
Asatryan said Saturday at an extraordinary Cabinet session convened
for discussion of the 2014 government draft budget.

He said that the benefit for a fifth or next babies will be increased
to 1 million drams. Now benefits for a first or second baby amounts to
50,000 drams and for a third child 430,000 drams.

The minister said that this money is transferred from the family fund
in a cashless way and may be spent on payment of a mortgage loan and
the child’s tuition bills as well as on medical insurance and medical

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, on his side, said that the government
has assumed certain commitments promising that expensive surgeries,
including heart surgeries, will be available to every citizen in
Armenia. The government has already taken particular steps to put its
promise into reality – it has introduced social packages, containing
the medical insurance component, for 120,000 public servants.

`We should take steps to make these services available also to the
private sector’s employees and jobless people,’ he said. `Therefore,
we will provide families with many children with an opportunity to
acquire medical insurance policies for the case of the necessity of
expensive surgeries.’

In January 2012, a social package was introduced in Armenia for civil
and public servants at education, social security, recreation and
entertainment sectors’ employees. It implies 132,000 drams for every
employee every year.

The package allows beneficiaries and their families’ members,
including the couple and not married children at age below 27, to
enjoy equally some social services.

This means obligatory medical insurance, monthly payment of mortgage
loans, payment of tuition fees to education ministry’s establishments
and bills for rest in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. ($1 – AMD
405.06). .—0—-

18:52 28.09.2013

From: A. Papazian

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