BAKU: Hafiz Hajiyev during TV Debates Threatened Opp Leaders with De

Turan Information Agency, Azerbaijan
September 20, 2013 Friday

Hafiz Hajiyev during TV Debates Threatened Opposition Leaders with Death

Baku/20.09.13/Turan : The next televised debate of presidential
candidates in public television in the evening on September 19 was
marred by the scandal provoked by the head of the party Modern Musavat
Hafiz Hajiyev.

He attacked with dirty insults the candidate from the National Council
of Democratic Forces ( NCDF) Jamil Gasanli and his family , as well as
other leaders of the opposition.

In particular, Hajiyev called NCDF “council of traitors.”

Hajiyev accused the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli of
“having poisoned Elchibey (the late leader of the Popular Front Party
and ex -president).” He also accused the leader of Musavat Isa Gambar
of evading his son from military service and “churning youths of the

Hajiyev accused opposition leaders ” of aiding the Armenians ” and
obstruction of the Karabakh resolution .

Next Hajiyev argued that the opposition is “servant to ” foreign
forces for the sake of revolution.

Pointing out that the daughter of Gasanli is married to an Englishman,
Hajiyev accused him of destructive activities in Azerbaijan on their (
the British ) orders.

After the speech by Hajiyev , a number of candidates , and in
particular, the leader of the Democratic Party Sardar Jalaloglu and
the head of the United Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Gudret
Gasanguliev declared inadmissibility of invasion into privacy.

In his speech before Gasanli announced that on September 22 in support
of him a rally will be held at the stadium in the Yasamal district (
near the metro station ” Inshaatchilar “). He also said that he came
into the studio with documents refuting the accusations against him of
deceiving doctors to obtain early retirement. In particular, he said
that his illness was confirmed by eye doctors of the Institute of
Ophthalmology named after Zarifa Aliyeva.

Next Gasanli focused on large-scale corruption in the government of Azerbaijan.

Thus, the elimination of the consequences of the floods in the Kura
and in the earthquake zone Zagatala 1 billion 69 million manats was
spent and the problems of the population are still not resolved. In
Turkey, for the elimination of the consequences of a devastating
earthquake in the Van province (in a much larger scale) only 392
million USD was used.

Next Gasanli pointed to the illegality of Aliyev’s nomination for a
third term. According to him, when Aliyev swore allegiance to the
Constitution, it provided for a limited stay of one person that could
be elected president for two terms of office.

Therefore, the constitutional amendments adopted in 2009 through a
referendum are not related to Aliyev.

He also demanded the promulgation by Ilham Aliyev as a candidate of a
presidential declaration on his income and the income of his wife, as
is customary in democratic states. ” I am the only candidate who not
only introduced a declaration on my income, but also the income of my
wife,” said Gasanli.

Gasanli also accused Aliyev of violating the law and the conduct of
the election campaign before the start of it. With that Gasanli
demanded cancellation of the registration of Ilham Aliyev as a
candidate for the presidency.

However, he asked the representative of Aliyev, deputy head of the
party New Azerbaijan (YAP ) Ali Akhmedov, to also provide a
documentary explanation of the villas of the family members of the
President in Dubai and their companies in the offshore.

Next Gasanli’s speech was interrupted by Hajiyev, who jumped up,
continuing to insult the opposition.

He threatened the opposition with violence and expulsion from the
country , in case of his victory.

Hajiyev again put the blame on Gasanli that his daughter is married to
an Englishman .

In response Gasanli said that if it is “all the blame” that his
daughter is married to an Englishman, the daughters of President Ilham
Aliyev take out the wealth of the country abroad.

In response Hajiyev threw a bottle at Gasanli. After that Hajiyev was
taken out of the hall by security officers of public television.

The authorized representative of Aliyev, deputy chairman of the party
New Azerbaijan Ali Akhmedov began blaming Gasanli for “unworthy
behavior at countless times.”

In response Gasanli said that dishonest and immoral is the government
itself, including NAP and Ilham Aliyev, who are corrupted most of all.

Next Gasanli recalled the words of one of the founders of NAP Sirus
Tebrizli that NAP degenerated into a party of ” faceless robbers .”

Gasanli required to recover the time he spent on the parry of the
attacks against him by Hajiyev.

The leader of the debates refused to do it, and offered to submit all
the complaints to the CEC.

In protest against the violation of his rights Gasanli left the studio.

Note that Hajiyev practically during all the parliamentary and
presidential elections provoked similar scandals .

Most of the other candidates used the airtime to attack the National
Council and Gasanli. -06D–

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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