Why Is Catholicos Silent?


Two years ago an Azerbaijani commando, according to the official
press release, penetrated into the Armenian positions and fired at
the sleeping soldiers. Four died, four were injured. The commando was
rendered harmless, and his body, as the Karabakh authorities said,
was lying in the neutral area for a long time.

Azerbaijan did everything to return the body of the commando Ibrahimov
and make him a hero, a shaheed. The Karabakh side did not want to
return the body because they understanding that he would be the next
idol of the Azerbaijani militarism.

However, the religious channel was used, and the leader of Muslims
asked the Center, the Russian Patriarch, for help who asked the
Armenian catholicos to plead for return of the commando’s body. The
Catholicos did not turn him down, and Karabakh did not argue with
the catholicos and returned Mubariz.

Now that Hakob Injighukyan, Armenian soldier, has been captured by
the Azerbaijanis, the Armenian catholicos and the Russian patriarch
are silent. There was hope that during the visit to Baku Putin would
ask Aliyev to display good will but apparently Putin was too busy.

It is frightening even to think what the Armenian soldier is going
through in captivity. The ministry of defense is undertaking some
steps but the Armenian church is silent. Perhaps he is too busy
because the Armenian Apostolic Church is inevitably moving towards
reforms which may change a lot in the church.

However, Catholicos Garegin II should find a free minute to think
about the destiny of the captured soldier.

Naira Hayrumyan 13:26 15/08/2013 Story from Lragir.am News:

From: A. Papazian