Turks Repair Erzurum-Armenia Railway


[ Part 2.2: “Attached Text” ]

13:14, 16 August, 2013

YEREVAN, AUGUST 16, ARMENPRESS: The State Railways of Turkey continue
the supervision, care and maintenance works  of the railway from
Erzurum to the Republic of Armenia, which have been started since
May. This was reported by the Turkish Haberler News Agency, as reported
by Armenpress.

The director of the Erzurum Department of the Turkish Railways told
the journalists that the works being carried out on the railway  with
the length of 1317 kilometers have already reached Kars. “We plan to
finish the renovation works of the railway up to the Armenian border
by the end of the year of 2013”, – said the representative of the
Turkish Railways, noting that the works are being  implemented on
the highest level.