Writers’ Union chairman was skeptical whether civil society would fo

Writers’ Union chairman was skeptical whether civil society would form
in Armenia

August 03, 2013 | 12:56

YEREVAN. – Before the last protests in capital city Yerevan, Writers’
Union of Armenia Chairman Levon Ananyan was skeptical on whether or
not there would ever be samples of a civil society in the country.

Ananyan himself noted the aforesaid during a press conference on Saturday.

He also stated that what recently occurred in Yerevan was not
instructed, but rather something spontaneous.

`That is, it did not occur from the perspective of political
interests. All that was a spontaneous clear blink, which our
government fortunately took into account,’ Levon Ananyan added.

As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed earlier, the Yerevan Municipality
recent decision to increase the public transport fares in the city had
brought about outbursts, several groups were formed in the social
networks, and the initiatives were staging protests and distributing
pamphlets against this decision. In addition, the Free Car initiative
was launched, along the lines of which Armenia’s numerous well-known
personalities, MPs, and ordinary residents were providing – with their
own vehicles – free transportation to the people.

And on July 25, Mayor Taron Margaryan suspended the decision on the
fare hike; but the wave of the aforesaid movement is still alive. The
activists demand that the persons, who made the decision on raising
the transport fares, be brought to account, and those officials, who
used violence against and cursed at the activists, be punished.

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