Serzh Sargsyan’s Vacation Fare


The protest against increase of fare is very effective. It sends the
regime into a difficult situation.

Several officials do not resist any more. The police is used again
in the capacity of the defender of the oligarchy’s interests. Police
officials are “clinging” to buses like they were “clinging” to Mashtots
Park boutiques for months. This is one of possible responses of the
government, there may be regular detentions because it is impossible
to stop youths with threats. It is clear that the young people will
not give up, they are not a party to enter into deals with. The result
will be both internal tension and foreign issues.

Let Serzh Sargsyan choose whether he needs reprimands and demands or
foreign financial support to reforms, as Stefan Fule said during his
visit to Armenia.

Serzh Sargsyan’s next step will be to give freedom to Taron Margaryan
and his local mob like he did during the mayoral election in Yerevan.

There are already signs. People protesting against the increase of
fare whose demand is fair and who do not use violence or limit anyone’s
freedom have already met the mob which tried to solve issues in their
“traditional way”.

The issue is not the mob but its realities which were tested in Lfik
Samo’s electoral districts. He deployed groups of women against Nikol
Pashinyan creating a situation of internal clashes.

Now the authorities can simulate something similar in a larger scale,
so the probability of clashes will grow, and in this case Serzh
Sargsyan will be directly responsible because he untied the mob. No
doubt, Serzh Sargsyan will be the last but not the least victim.

There is another option – it is possible just to take steps to reduce
the fare to where it was before boosting it. This is a little likely

In general, there are two issues that Sargsyan has to solve in
this context. First, he should ensure that the civil fight does not
produce the snowball effect, and police and “local authorities” are
not helpful. The next issue comes from the mayoral election. Serzh
Sargsyan has to “restrain” self-confidence of Taron Margaryan and
his team or circle to make sure that he does not become a factor to
breaking the internal balance of the government in the future.

>From this point of view, the only preferable step by Serzh Sargsyan
that will allow preventing the future generation of tension and at
the same time “contain” Taron Margaryan’s “May triumph” and remind
him who the “Commander-in-Chief” is is to “surrender” with regards
to the transport fare.

It should be noted that Serzh Sargsyan is going on holiday now. This
is typical of him. He thus delays the decision making process, allowing
other subjects to express themselves and make mistakes. Most probably,
Serzh Sargsyan has decided to wait a little to see who will make the
first mistake.

Hakob Badalyan 14:08 22/07/2013 Story from News:

From: Baghdasarian

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