BAKU: Azerbaijani President: Much Work Must Be Conducted To Cover Na


Trend, Azerbaijan
July 22 2013

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 22 / Trend M. Aliyev /

Much work must be conducted to cover the Armenian-Azerbaijani
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the foreign media, Azerbaijani President
Ilham Aliyev said at the opening ceremony of a new building for
journalists today.

“Of course, this problem is covered very broadly within the country,
but the main objective is to cover this topic in the foreign press,”
the President noted.

“The country, various organizations and NGOs have recently taken
important steps in this area,” he added. “I believe that the country
can more broadly implement its activity in this sphere based on
various projects and grants.”

“Informing of the foreign press about the Khojaly genocide is
important,” the President said.

“Several countries have recognized the Khojaly genocide for the last
few years,” President Aliyev said. “Why? They recognize it because the
country, social organizations, the society as a whole constantly keep
the issue in the spotlight and this reflects the reality in the world.

In general, no one except journalists is able to organize the work
at a high level to present the genocide in world, especially, if we
take into account that we can say a lot.”

Ilham Aliyev noted that Azerbaijan has, in recent years, achieved a
lot in different spheres, and unique development in many spheres.

“The international organizations are well aware about this

“This cannot be denied,” he added. “Despite anti-Azerbaijani forces’
attempts to deny this, it is impossible not to see. And we must
bring Azerbaijan’s reality to the world media. As journalists, you
are well aware that Armenian lobby, which is very aggressive towards
Azerbaijan, carries out its activity in all countries in which it
has authority. Their purpose is to prove and create the view that the
Armenians cannot and will not be able to live as a part of Azerbaijan.

So, they periodically send slanderous, fictional, wrong information
about Azerbaijan to the foreign media and achieve this through their
network. We must take our utmost to inform the world media about
Azerbaijan’s reality.”

From: Baghdasarian

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