Armenian Activists Urge Bus Drivers To Protest Higher Fares (Video)


[ Part 2.2: “Attached Text” ]

12:45 ~U 23.07.13

The activists of the civil movement “Pay 100 Drams” have organized
a rally in front the Yerevan City Hall, calling upon the drivers of
the public transport to protest the municipal authorities’ decision
to impose higher fares.

Employees of the City Hall have turned on the fountains outside to
prevent the protesters from nearing the building.

Before the start of the protest, policemen took several activists
to a police station for a conduct they considered a violation of the
public order.

The protest began with a clash between the police and the activists.

The crowd was later reported to have blocked the Grigor Lusavorich
street, urging drivers to go on a strike.

While the police were trying to open the road, some of the activists
attempted to push their way to through the crowd. But the police kept
holding them back.

The police officers have caught several protesters. Other activists
have now reached the City Hall, chanting slogans.


From: A. Papazian

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