The Policeman Seized The Picture Of Serzh Sargsyan And Crumpled It


July 19 2013

Today, at the acquittal request of ANC activitst, the traditional
piquet of congressmen was hot and active. During the action in front
of the Prosecutor’s Office, when participants were holding the posters
saying “Sargis, we are with you”, “Liberty to Tigran Arakelyan” and
other writings, all of a sudden one of the police officers decided
to do a favor to President Serzh Sargsyan. He suddenly seized the
poster with the portrait of Serzh Sargsyan, , crumpled in his hands
and ran away. This made the crowd angry, who began to chant, “Shame,
shame, Serzhik, leave”, “Struggle, struggle until the end of Serzh.”

According to the secretary of ANC faction Aram Manukyan, “People
like Vardanik, instead of being at the court, beat people. And they
are protected. They will be receiving posts. Still price rises,
these monopolies, as long as they are going to be with them, they are
thieves and the only solution will be you, the people. No-one else will
do. The policeman will always grovel, the policeman will always steal a
picture and a man. He will never stand next to justice and righteous,
next to the law. It is going to be. If there is a place that they
will force, it’s going to be us. Aren’t we better than Brazilians,
aren’t we better than Turks, aren’t we better than Kirgiz, aren’t
we better than Georgians. What has happened to us? Those who are
too strong with their money, and stubbornness, the more they are the
faster they will come to end, believe me. The strengthening of this
monopoly, the establishment of an authoritarian regime, the creation
of this inhuman regime accelerates the beginning of their destruction,
making it closer.”

Hripsimeh JEBEJYAN

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From: A. Papazian

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