Top Secret Document Calls Armenians ‘Enemies Of The State’


11:47 17.07.2013

A top secret document signed by the Turkish Army chief of staff weeks
before the September 12, 1980 coup d’etat characterizes Armenians as
“Enemies of the State,” reports Radikal newspaper.

The document entitled “Turkey’s immediate domestic threat” was
distributed to all military commanders three months prior to the coup
and was signed by then Chief of Staff Kenan Evren, who toppled the
regime of Suleyman Demirel during one of many military coups in Turkey.

The document not only characterized Armenians as “Enemies of the
State,” but also went on to say that the 1915 “relocation” of Armenians
was “justified” because losses and deaths that occurred during that
time were the “fault of the Armenians.”

“The assertion that Armenians lost 1.5 million people is a lie. The
Armenian losses were between 50 and 100 [presumably 50,000 and
100,000]. The Turks suffered more severe losses,” asserted the

The document, which bears Evren’s signature, was used as the basis
for carrying out the 1980 coup.

According to the document, which contains a portion on the historical
developments, “The Armenian question re-emerges on the agenda in 1913
and from 1914 to 1915 armed Armenian groups were working with Russia
on the Eastern Front and attacking Turks and Muslims. These incidents
continued until 1918.”

The document goes on to blame Armenians, as well as “inhumane actions”
by Europe, for the deaths of “thousands” of people at the time.

According to Radikal, through this explanation, the Evren Report
justifies the Armenian Genocide.

“During World War I, the Ottoman government found itself in a
difficult predicament as a result of the betrayal by Armenians and
their continued crimes, thus there was the imperative to transport
Armenians to far away places away from the war. This decision
corresponded with norms of the time and was legal, as well as a
justified decision. It needs to be taken into consideration that
these actions were taking place on Ottoman territory, which belonged
to Turks,” said the Evren report.

The document also highlights the activities of the Armenian community
at the time of its publication saying that the Armenians, having never
understood that their ancestors “perished as a result of European
policies, continue to be under the influence of inflammatory literature
of the time, will fall prey to the same game and

become involved in the events of today.”

“Instead of finding the true culprits, they [the Armenians] are
attacking innocent political officials and engaging in terrorist

The Evren report also criticized the activities of the Armenian church,
saying that church members were deliberately settling Armenians from
Anatolia in Istanbul.

“Beginning in 1967, Eastern Anatolia Armenians began to migrate to
Istanbul. The poor Armenian children who came to Istanbul received
their education and training at the ‘Aramian-Oundjian’ and ‘Immaculate
Conception’ schools. During this period the Armenian Patriarchate of
Istanbul told the world of the poverty-stricken children and began to
take advantage of the situation. They are also urging them to reclaim
their Armenian names,” said the Evren report.

The report also addresses alleged cooperation between Armenians and
Kurds at the time, saying that Armenians were working to receive
passports from supporters of the Kurdish movement.

“It is imperative that we, at all costs, retaliate against the crimes
of these Armenians,” said the Evren report.

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