Azerbaijani Fan Of The Moldovan Lady


July 11 2013

Azerbaijanis still recalled “20 percent of “occupied” territories” at
the BSEC conference Yesterday, the Deputy of Azerbaijani Majlis Asad
Hajiyev announced in Sofia that Moldovan attorney Aurelia Grigoriu was
pursued for expressing her opinion loudly in Armenia and as if her
life is at risk. The Republican MP Gagik Minasyan informed “Aravot”
about it. Let’s remind that the 41st session of the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation is currently taking
place in Sofia. The delegation from Armenia is participating in the
session, which is headed by RPA party member, Chairman of the NA
Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Gagik
Minasyan. The delegation comprises the Michael Melkumyan from PAP,
Aram Manukyan from ANC, Hovhannes Margaryan from the Rule of Law. The
heads of the delegations of participating countries in the conference
should present speeches on the topic “Tourism as an important
factor in regional economic development” outlining the priorities
and accomplishments of their country in given sector. Asad Hajiyev,
head of the Azerbaijani delegation, who delivered his speech after
the head of the Armenian delegation Gagik Minasyan, describing his
country’s problems, said that Azerbaijan could have more success in the
field of tourism, if “20 percent of their territory was not occupied”
by Armenia. He also recalled the statement of the Moldovan lawyer
Aurelia Grigoriui made in RA NA during the European Conference on
“The European legal standards of the rule of law and the scope of
discretion of powers in the member States of the Council of Europe”
that “Armenia has occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory,
carrying out a genocide against the Azerbaijanis.” Moldovan lady had
also said that as if the Khojaly genocide was committed by Armenians,
which is internationally recognized as a fact. Azerbaijanis believe
that due to this reason that a person expressing such a point of view
in Armenia was allegedly subjected to pursuit and threat to her life,
Armenia can not claim to be a country with favorable conditions for
tourist. Let’s note that Moldovan lady considering herself unbiased
is still giving interviews to various mass media of Azerbaijan and is
telling new, each other contradicting stories about how as if after
her speech Armenians started to threaten her at the hotel and in
the social networks. Reversing the Azerbaijani partner’s statements,
the Armenian delegation leader Gagik Minasyan said: “The Azerbaijani
delegation once again tries to use the international platform without
authorization for spreading false information about the nature of
Karabakh conflict. While the reality is that there is no “occupation”
of the territories of Azerbaijan. The truth is that in the last
century people of Nagorno-Karabakh, according to the international
norms of that time, declared its independence, also voting for the
independence by the referendum. Whereas Azerbaijan responded in
aggression to the legal steps of Karabakh people by involving and
using heavy military artillery, international terrorists, including
“Al-Qaida” fighters. Azeri aggression for the country ended in a
shameful defeat, for the simple reason that Azerbaijan was trying
to stifle the freedom and independence in the blood, but Karabakh
was defending its independence and dignity.” Later, PAP MP Mikayel
Melkumyan also referred to the statements of the Azerbaijani delegate
in his speech, noting that unacceptable, inappropriate, and false
statements were made in the speech of Azerbaijan’s delegate, in
particular, that there were pursues against this lady in Yerevan,
and her life was in danger. “These statement, to put it mildly, do
not meet the reality, and the Moldovan lawyer’s statements in Yerevan
during the discussion organized by the Constitutional Court can be
assessed as ordered and provocative. The whole world knows that Armenia
is an open country, and unlike our eastern neighbor, the life of a
citizen of any country can not be at least a little bit in danger in
Armenia,” – said Mikayel Melkumyan, reminded that immediately after
the speech the lawyer lady, at the same discussion, from the same
platform, a member of the Constitutional Court of Moldova expressed
its disagreement with the views expressed by his co-citizen lady.

Melkumyan has noted that the statements on “20 percent of “occupied”
territories” and unsuccessful ‘trapped situation’ of scandals
lady do not conduce to the development of relations between the
two countries, also within the framework of the Black Sea Economic
Cooperation. The Deputy of PAP has also noted that a state, in which
a Member of Parliament makes public and ambitious statements about the
tourism status of the its country, simultaneous meets with honors and
declares a hero to a certain murderer Safarov. Gagik Minasyan also
added that the representatives of other delegations participating
in the conference responded positively to the speeches of Armenians,
which did not happen after the speeches of Azerbaijanis.


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