Shorzha Shuffle? Mayor’s Company Gets 29 Million AMD Local Construct

Shorzha Shuffle? Mayor’s Company Gets 29 Million AMD Local Construction Contract
Grisha Balasanyan

14:09, June 8, 2013
Talk about a conflict of interest; here’s another example for the record books.

In the Armenian town of Shorzha, on the far side of Lake Sevan, a
company owned by the local mayor won a 29.240 million AMD work
contract for a construction project in Shorzha itself.

Hetq asked Mayor Souliko Shoushanyan, who owns Shoushan and Shahnour
Ltd., how the job was proceeding and if he was satisified.

`Everything is going fine and the building will be handed over in
time,’ he answered.

The contract was signed on April 12 between Gegharkouniq Provincial
Administration Chief of Staff Sevak Khlghatyan, and the director of
Shoushan and Shahnour Ltd.

Naturally, the mayor didn’t want to discuss how his company wound up
winning the contract. In fact, he claimed that he didn’t own it.

`It’s not my company. A. Sevanyan is the director of Shoushan and
Shahnour Ltd. I’m just the founder. The company has 33 shareholders,’
said Mayor Shoushanyan, adding that 67% of the outstanding shares are
owned by women.

We prodded him about the work contract and the mayor confessed that he
had gone to the Provincial Administration, requesting that Shoushan
and Shahnour Ltd. be given the job of building a new municipal office.
He said the current building is in terrible shape.

`It’s ours. You don’t expect someone from the outside, say from
Vardenis, to come here and build it,’ the mayor asked rhetorically.

From: A. Papazian

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