Ex-Opp candidate calls for country-wide protest against gas price hi

Ex-opposition candidate calls for country-wide protest against gas price hike

18:00 – 26.05.13

To impart a massive character to the civil disobedience against higher
natural gas tariffs it is necessary to join efforts and organize a big
procession across the country, says a former opposition candidate of

Speaking to Tert.am, Arkady Ghukasyan said has joined environmental
activists to conduct a republic-wide protest against an earlier
announced plan to increase the prices for natural gas.

`The return step will be a procession across the country, a
mobilization of citizens and a civil disobedience. The route will be
determinedm but it would be logical to [head] from Yerevan to Gyumri
and later to Vanadzor and the other regions,’ he said, adding that
they are now negotiating with civil society representatives to discuss
the methods of the future struggle.

Ghukasyan noted that they have no specific timeframes, adding that
they are planning start the protest after the Public Services
Regulatory Commission makes its decision public.

Armenian News – Tert.am

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