Does Tsarukyan Expect No Blood In Armenia?


When the PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan refused to run in the presidential
election almost at the last minute, first generating together with
the ANC moods equal to those ahead of the storming of Bastille,
his decision was explained by the wish to prevent bloodshed.

It means that Serzh Sargsyan could remove Gagik Tsarukyan from
government by force. At least the PAP thinks so.

The PAP is running in the mayoral election. The logic is political,
not municipal. Vartan Oskanian who leads the PAP list states that
their victory will end the RPA’s monopoly and change the political
situation, securing checks and balances.

In fact, the PAP is not afraid of bloodshed in Yerevan. What does
it mean? Does it mean that Prosperous Armenia will not be keen
on its victory in the mayoral election in a way it would be in the
presidential election? Or does the PAP think that Serzh Sargsyan will
not allow bloodshed for Yerevan and will let the City Hall go to the
PAP if he appears in a difficult situation?

For the time being Serzh Sargsyan does not seem prone to compromise.

The Republicans dismiss any remark about their intention to let Yerevan
go, and Taron Margaryan is said to have a rating of 60% but even 40%
votes is enough for victory. Of course, everything will depend on the
situation as the voting will come closer. However, the fact that the
PAP is not referring to bloodshed now is eloquent.

Or maybe the PAP is ready to fight despite bloodshed? In such cases,
it is important to know whose blood will be shed. In Armenia those
ready for self-sacrifice and those who are eventually sacrificed are
not the same people.

The leader of the PAP has stated ready to stake all for the sake of
public confidence but he did not say anything about his commitment
for self-sacrifice. Sacrifice is a popular practice in the political
field of Armenia in the direct and indirect meanings of the word,
it is even a tradition but it does not include self-sacrifice. Later
the political process becomes the victim of sacrifice.

Perhaps this very tradition made the Western ambassadors break
the diplomatic protocol and support toughly Vartan Oskanian of PAP
who would be the “victim” of the electoral process. Most probably,
the PAP would sacrifice the PAP, allowing the government to arrest
Oskanian to save the PAP’s face.

The ambassadors may have thus prevented this sacrifice, not allowing
the mayoral election to become the next hostage of sacrifice, awarding
the Armenian political class the traditional deliverance against the
background of the hostage process because not only the society of
Armenia but also the Western community knows what happens when the
Armenian political class gets freedom.

Hakob Badalyan 17:50 02/04/2013 Story from News: