Following Traditions Or Serzh Sargsyan?


2013-02-28 15:16:43

The regular meeting of NA… This time, as always, the passions were
heated, and this time NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan appeared in all his
charm, strengthening to continue the previous day’s process of

Despite the fact that it is very often spoken that Hovik Abrahamyan
will lead the resignations, nevertheless NA Speaker not losing any
given opportunity, uses it for the benefit of his future vision.

According to the Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan, the opposition leader Raffi
Hovannisian should consider to create a model of the coalition
government, he must make reasonable recommendations to the
authorities. To blame at first glance the primitive behavior makes no
sense, because Hovik Abrahamyan in his practice met repeatedly such
cases, therefore, following the tradition, behaves in such a way, but,
of course, in this case the opposition is quite a different colibri.

Taking into account the achievements of the past through the prism of
the coalition government, Hovik Abrahamyan, this time is trying his
luck as an option but, in fact, he has no more option. It turns out
that every time, in every case, Hovik Abrahamyan is a reconciliation,
or more precisely, a loop of coalition chain who in every difficult
situation offers positions.

Of course, considering yesterday’s meeting of SC at Baghramyan 26,
Hovik Abrahamyan should be in a hurry, because time of the changes is
very close, and these changes to appear in high positions are result
of hard work. And surely there will be changes, the session at
Baghramyan 26 pursued this goal, not speaking about its formal side.

Yes, the changes can become, at least short-term, but, nevertheless,
the solution, but the current problems associated with the
disturbance, is the only way to show people that there are going to be
major changes in the management system, and Serzh Sargsyan will not
accept the other option-power, otherwise it will be both his and the
authority’s assasination attempt. Yes, change is the only option, and
from which consciously tries to benefit NA Speaker, and for Hovik
Abrahamyan the key to use the sweet fruit is Raffi Hovannisian.

Gevorg Avetisyan

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