Samvel Alexanyan brings the voters to Yerevan from Akhuryan Sugar Fa

Samvel Alexanyan brings the voters to Yerevan from Akhuryan Sugar Factory

Mon, 02/18/2013 – 13:30

As the sources of GALA informed several days ago, the republican
member of the National Assembly Samvel Alexanyan planned to bring the
employees of Akhuryan Sugar factory for voting. What sources informed
today was captured by GALA camera. Today on February 18 at 09.05 4
micro-buses and a passenger bus with employees of the factory moved
from the yard of sugar factory. The camera of GALA also captured
number plate of the buses. We did not manage to stop the cars.

The engineer of factory informs that they are taken to Gymuri Gergin
Njdeh square for voting. But the camera of GALA captured them on
Gyumri-Yerevan road. We urge our colleges to meet the employees of the
factory of Samvel Alexanyan in Yerevan.

We urge our law enforcement agencies to take this notice into account
and find out where the voters from Gyumri go.

It should be added, that according to the information of GALA the
employees of the factory will be given ballots with the name of Serzh
Sargsyan marked on them. The voters will drop those ballots to the
election boxes while they will take the blank ones with them. For the
information of the law enforcement agencies, soon pictures will be
posted where the numbers of the buses are clearly seen.


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