Israel Is Not Ready To Recognize Armenian Genocide Yet


25 Á×CÕÓÔÁ 2011 | Alexander Tsinker

“I want to note that there have always been forces in Israel which
claimed Armenian Genocide must be recognized. I am sure that Jewish
nation who has endured Holocaust now has no right to ignore the
tragedy of another nation. But my personal attitude and official
attitude of Israel are quite different cases. It was and remains

According to Israel two nations (Armenians and Turks) must get a joint
consensus on 1915 bloody events and Israel will accept that consensus”
head of the Institute of Eastern Europe and CIS countries Alexander
Tsinker (Tel-Aviv, Israel) told reporter while answering to
the question about Israeli attitude towards Armenian Genocide
recognition and Turkish reaction on it.

“When relations with Turkey become frozen some newspapers announced
that Armenian Genocide must be accepted as an answer to anti-Israeli
actions in Ankara. But no one serious Israeli politician, no one
important public activist has not supported such publications and all
these announcements remained just announcements. And I think it was
right. This issue is too gentle and serious to make it a measure for
making pressure on somebody” our speaker continued.

“I can tell long how 1915 events are described in Israel and why they
do not recognize Armenian Genocide. It is another theme and is very
complicated one. Now I will just say one thing: Israeli political
elite and society have not reached to the point to be able to make
that step. And I think they will not reach it for a long time yet. But
this never means that me and other partisans must wait and do not do
anything. No, we continue making influence on Israeli society and
prepare it for the recognition of Armenian Genocide”.

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