Protest In Istanbul Against Attacks On Armenians


12:50 28/01/2013 » SOCIETY

Residents, civil society groups and political party representatives
gathered in the central square of Istanbul’s Samatya neighborhood
on Sunday to protest a number of attacks committed against elderly
Armenian women in their homes over the past few months, one of which
resulted in a death, with police failing to capture the assailants,
Today’s Zaman reported.

“Don’t touch my neighbor” and “I will not let you hurt my brothers
and sisters” read some of the signs held by the protesters.

The first attack in the past few months was on Nov. 1, 2012. A woman
named Gonul A. was beaten by an intruder, and her valuables were
stolen. On Nov. 28, Tuivat A. (87) was attacked inside her house. She
lost one eye in the attack and her valuables were also taken. On Dec.

28, Maritsa Kucuk (85) was brutally murdered in her house, where she
lived alone. In the fifth attack, Sultan Aykar (80) was stabbed as
she entered her house.


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