Presidential Candidate For Girls In Armenia’s Army

19:48 ~U 28.01.13

Chairman of the National Self-Determination Union (NDU), one of the
presidential candidates Paruir Hairikyan plans large-scale reforms
in Armenia’s army if he is elected Armenia’s president.

The first step will be organization of women’s military service.

“I think that our girls should, on a voluntary basis, serve for ten
months, with 6-month training and 4-month service,” Mr Hairikyan
told journalists.

“When” he is elected Armenia’s president, Mr Hairikyan plans to make
Armenia’s army more transparent, ensure larger-scale application of
the international experience and closer cooperation with NATO.

“I am informed of the negative phenomena in the Russian army. We
should adopt what is positive in both Russia and Europe. NATO is a cut
above. Our army’s general situation can be described as satisfactory.

But satisfactory is followed by good and then by excellent,” Mr
Hairikyan said.

He believed that Armenia’s Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan would
succeed in putting an end to all the negative phenomena sooner.

However, there must still be some obstacles.

“At that time there developed a disgraceful situation because they
had to base themselves on criminals. The so-called Yerkrapah, which
was supposed to keep the country, was busy getting offices shut,”
Mr Hairikyan said.

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