Ex-Mp Addresses Letter To Armenia’s Education Minister


16:14 ~U 28.01.13

Anahit Bakhshyan, Deputy Director of the National Institute of
Education, addressed an open letter to Armenia’s Minister of Education
and Science Armen Ashotyan.

In her letter, Ms Bakhshyan responded to Mr Ashotyan’s arguments,
stating that presidential candidates’ meetings with higher school
students are not a violation of law.

Ms Bakhshyan is not concerned over this fact, which has nothing to
do with her work, nor is she going to stop her activities.

“Yes, it was thanks to Mr Ashotyan that I was appointed to this
post and I am not going to stop this activity. The fact that I have
addressed an open letter to Mr Ashotyan is evidence that my letter and
activity are not only in conflict. Rather, they are complementary,”
Ms Bakhshyan said.

Also, she puts a number of questions in her letter not as deputy
director of the Institute of Education, but “as Anahit Bakhshyan.” And
Mr Ashotyan himself expressed his regret over her not being an MP now.

In her letter to her superior, Minister of Education Armen Ashotyan,
Ms Bakhshyan states that Armenia’s laws on education do not prohibit
presidential candidates’ meetings with students.

We would remind readers that Armenia’s Minister of Education Armen
Ashotyan responded to one of the presidential candidates Raffi
Hovannisian’s statement on his meetings with students of Armenia’s
higher schools. He noted that such meetings are a violation of
Armenia’s Constitution.

From: Baghdasarian

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