Pardoning war crimes accused: Turkish president’s request condemned

The Daily Star, Bangladesh
Dec 29 2012

Pardoning war crimes accused: Turkish president’s request condemned


Social and cultural organizations yesterday strongly condemned Turkish
President Abdullah Gul’s recent letter to President Zillur Rahman
calling for “clemency” to the accused under trial in the International
Crimes Tribunal for the “sake of peace in the society”.

The organizations demanded quick completion of the trial of crimes
against humanity committed during the 1971 Liberation War.

Meanwhile, asked to comment on the letter, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni,
at the Trust Bank 12th National Senior and Junior Taekwondo
Championship in the capital’s National Sports Council Gymnasium,
invited journalists to her ministry tomorrow, reports UNB.

Ekatturer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee President Justice Muhammad
Ghulam Rabbani, President-in-Charge Shahriar Kabir and General
Secretary Kazi Mukul issued a joint statement.

They said the Turkish president’s request interfered with Bangladesh’s
internal affairs, went against diplomatic norms, was a blow to
Bangladesh’s independence and sovereignty, and was similar to siding
with those who committed genocides in 1971.

The Turkish president should remember that Turkey committed the
world’s first genocide in the last century by killing 15 lakh
Armenians from 1919 to 1921. No trial was held and Turkey is still
killing Kurds without any trial, they said.

Another statement was issued by Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigoshthi
President Kamal Lohani and General Secretary Prabir Sardar, stating
that the request was a shameless expression of a conspiracy to foil
the war crimes trial.

Workers’ Party of Bangladesh President Rashed Khan Menon, at a party
meeting in the capital’s Shaheed Asad Auditorium, said BNP Chairperson
Khaleda Zia’s ongoing movement’s main target was to save the war

Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote leaders, at a rally organised in Jatiya
Press Club to congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the UN
acceptance of her peace model, said Bangladeshis would try Khaleda
once for assisting the war criminals.

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