Sinanyan To Run For Glendale City Council


Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Zareh Sinanyan

GLENDALE-Longtime community leader and activist, attorney Zareh
Sinanyan, on Thursday announced his candidacy for Glendale City
Council. The election will be held on Tuesday, April 2.

“I have finally done it and thrown my hat into the race,” Sinanyan
said in a letter to constituents on Thursday. “I believe the time
is right to step up and provide the kind of leadership that Glendale
deserves. With your support we can bring positive change to our city.”

Sinanyan has been an active force in the City of Glendale for a
long time. He served on the Glendale Parks, Recreation and Community
Services Commission and more recently as chairman of the Community
Development Block Grant Advisory Committee from 2009 to 2011.

He has been an active presence in Glendale community organizing
efforts, advocating for citizens’ rights and empowering people to
register and vote to become an active part in city decisions.

“My continued dedication to public service has been constant
and never predicated on position or title but on the needs of the
community. At this time Glendale needs a councilmember who believes
in the fundamental principles of effective government, transparency
and accessibility, with a clear vision of Glendale’s future. The need
for good leadership is especially felt in these difficult financial
times,” said Sinanyan.

While chairing the CDBG, Sinanyan has become known as a consensus
builder, working to ensure that the ever-decreasing funds are properly
allocated to the programs and groups with the highest demonstrated
need and most efficient use of such resources. His involvement in the
various aspects of Glendale life has also made him acutely aware of
the needs of the community in term of services and governance.

“As councilmember I will work hard to advance and improve the
business climate in the City, advocate for easier accessibility
and more government transparency, improve traffic and congestion in
the Glendale, and relentlessly promote an exceptional environment in
which to raise our children and watch our families grow and prosper,”
said Sinanyan.

Zareh Sinanyan with his wife, Lori, and their four children

Sinanyan was born in Armenia and moved to the United States in 1988,
settling in Burbank. Sinanyan and his wife, Lori, and their four
children have called Glendale their home for more than 14 years After
attending public school, Sinanyan received a Bachelor’s Degree from
UCLA in history and policy. He received his Juris Doctorate from
University of Southern California and has been a practicing attorney
since 2001.

“I seek the honor and privilege of serving as your councilmember,” said
Sinanyan. “Please consider joining my efforts in ensuring Glendale’s
prosperous future, one that is worthy of our ideals and values.”

Find out more about Sinanyan’s campaign.

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