Syrian Armenians happy to celebrate New Year in Armenia

Syrian Armenians happy to celebrate New Year in Armenia
19:04 – 03.01.13

Vigen Aslanyan, who came to Armenia from Aleppo four months ago, is
seeing the New Year in Yerevan for the first time.

This New Year is an exceptional event for his family.

`We came here to feel secure. This is our homeland. In Aleppo we used
to celebrate the New Year in company with our relatives. But fewer
relatives have gathered here,’ Vigen told His family will
return to Aleppo if the situation improves there, but they will often
come to Armenia. `We have some problems because we are not working
here. If the problems are solved, we will remain here because this is
our homeland,’ he says.

38-year-old Garbis Chilaposyan has for the first time seen the New
Year in Armenia as well. `I am happy and want people to be happy too.
It is for the first time I have celebrated the New Year here and I
feel secure,’ Garbis says. He does not see any essential difference
between New Year celebrations in Armenia and Aleppo. The only
difference is that Christmas lasts two days longer, and all the
Aleppo-based Armenians attend a religious service on January 1.

Aleppo-based Armenians do not eat pork, giving more attention to drinks.

His wish is that the employment problem be resolved in Armenia this year.

Narek Kasar, a young Armenian from Syria, says that people more often
go to church on during the New Year celebrations. He is ready to
remain in Armenia if the problems facing them now are solved.

From: A. Papazian

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