Turkish man gets angry at Azerbaijan and suspends `genocide march’

Turkish man gets angry at Azerbaijan and suspends `genocide march’

December 28, 2012 | 11:10

Kalender Bayramli, who set off from Turkish capital city Ankara on
November 16 on a march toward Armeian capital city Yerevan, got angry
at the Azerbaijani officials and suspended his march in Kars, Turkey.

Bayramli, who is of Azerbaijani descent, wanted to draw attention to
the `Khojaly Massacre,’ and he had reached Kars on December 22. After
having walked for approximately 1,100 kilometers and reaching the
city, he expressed a wish to meet with Ayhan Suleymanov, Azerbaijan’s
Consul General in Kars, but Suleymanov did not meet with him.

Since he felt neglected by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Ankara and the
Azerbaijani Consulate General in Kars alike, Bayramli suspended his
march and decided to return to Ankara.

`I will protest the [Azerbaijani] ambassador and the [Azerbaijani]
consul at the press conference I will hold in Ankara on [Friday,]
December 28, and then I will continue my march from where I left it in
Kars. I will cross from Kars into Georgia, and, from there, I want to
go to Armenia, if they accept [me]. [But] If they would not let me
enter Armenia, I will speak at the Georgia-Armenia border,’ Kalender
Bayramli stated.