Return to Talish: "A Stone’s Throw from War" Video

Return to Talish: “A Stone’s Throw from War” Video

12:05, December 28, 2012

Inna Mkhitaryan

Greta, 65, was a mother of ten children when the Karabakh war broke
out. Their family lived in the village Talish, in the Martakert
region. During the first days of the war in May 1992, her 17 year-old
son was killed by artillery fire in the house courtyard.

Learning about an expected attack on the village,Greta and her family
evacuated Talish a mere forty days after her son’s death. They joined
other residents on the road of exile. The Azeris attacked and occupied
Talish.2 years it was taken back by Armenian forces. Seven years later
Greta returned toTalish with one of her ten children – the youngest
son Armen. Their home had been burnt and destroyed.

They built a new house to replace the old one and created a small
farm. Greta’s son married and the couple have a daughter.