Issue of homeless not included in housing program still unclear

Issue of homeless not included in housing program still unclear

December 28

38 buildings with 1,756 apartments were delivered for use in `Mush
2-2′ and `Ani’ districts of the city of Gyumri in October. The program
will be completed next year, thanks to which 5,500 homeless families
will receive apartments, Minister of Urban Development Samvel
Tadevosian said at the meeting with reporters today.

`The program was launched in 2008. As a result, the housing conditions
of over 3,700 families were improved, and the number of such families
will increase by 1,700 until the program’s end. The cost of the
housing program is about 85 billion AMD,’ the minister stated.

When asked how the problem of homeless people not included in the
program will be solved, he replied that a definite program has not
been developed yet.

`6,500 homeless families were initially registered, but 400 families
were later removed from the program after the examination of documents
had revealed they did not reside in Armenia. Some people did not
submit the documents in time, although the deadline was extended
several times. Others didn’t meet the program’s requirements, for
example, they were registered in apartments. After the end of this
program, some studies will be done in order to determine further
work,’ the minister noted.

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From: Baghdasarian