Demagogy And Hypocrisy Have No Limit

Demagogy And Hypocrisy Have No Limit

10:25 28/12/2012
Story from News:

The Armenian National Congress does not nominate anyone for president
and does not support other candidates. The reason the Congress brings
to explain its decision is very interesting: the mechanism of fraud
has improved so that it is impossible to achieve change of government
through elections at this stage since the ANC thinks participation in
elections and support to any other candidate is false since it will
only legitimize the illegal regime.

This behavior can be merely considered unserious political attitude
since the reason is unserious because it mocks at the society.

The question occurs if the fraudulent situation described by the
Congress would change if Levon Ter-Petrosyan did not refer to his age?
Would it be possible to change the government then? Why did the ANC
run in the parliamentary elections `legitimizing’ the RPA victory?

Maybe it would be more sincere to announce that since Ter-Petrosyan
does not run, the other candidates are not important to the ANC. Or
they could have stated that since Tsarukyan refused running, so did
Oskanian and Kocharyan, the ANC thinks it is meaningless to run.
Otherwise, the excuse of the age and fraud is not honest.

A force that dwells on fraud should have not accepted the results of
the rigged elections legitimizing it by accepting its 7 seats. Or, it
should have not announced for months that the parliamentary elections
were the first round of the presidential elections and that crucial
moments were expected in September and so on and so forth.

Now that this force says the elections are nevertheless rigged and it
makes no sense to run, this means it does not respect the citizens.
But the citizens are not stupid which can be seen from the stupid
situation in which the ANC and the other oppositional force have
appeared in. Everyone seemed to want the same thing but they failed to
resist together to the reproduction of the ruling system.

From: Baghdasarian