Article “The Armenian Genocide” is recognized as the best in “Wik

Article “The Armenian Genocide” is recognized as the best in “Wikipedia”

12:02 28/12/2012 » SOCIETY

By the results of voting in 2012 article “The Armenian
was recognized the best in the category of “Society” in Russian
segment of online encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. According to the results
of the vote article on the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire won
the largest number of votes with “51 for” and only two votes
“against”. Moreover, gaining the maximum difference between the “for”
and “against” votes article became the informal leader of the rating
among all categories.

The main author of the article is Divot, a participant of “Wikipedia”
from Russia. He is an author of a number of selected and good articles
on the historical, musical and geographical topics. The article “The
Armenian Genocide” gives a detailed and structured chronology of
events, it provides the readers with accurate information about the
premises and the extermination process of the Armenian ethnic group in
the Ottoman Empire, as well as about consequences of the Armenian

“Participants of Wikipedia Hayk and BBC journalist Mark Grigorian who
lives in London, showed an invaluable assistance in writing this
article. Besides, while writing the material, I consulted with
historians Ronald Siuni, George Burnutyan and Peter Golden,” said the
author of the article to