Ter-Petrosian Soberly Assessed Situation


December 27, 2012

“The first Armenian President’s decision not to run in the election
was a sober assessment of a skilful politician,” former deputy of
the National Assembly Ms. Larisa Alaverdian said at a meeting with
reporters today.

She reminded those present that she had forecast this months ago
because, in her words, analyses showed that in case of running for
President, Ter-Petrosian would collect fewer votes than during the
2008 election.

According to Larisa Alaverdian, this is the only reason, but not the
explanation provided by the fist president when he said that by taking
this step, he makes way for new, younger forces.

Speaking about the electoral processes, she noted that violations are
committed in the pre-election period, rather than during an election.

26.12.2012, 20:51